Lunas Mission

To aid in the fight against poverty through enablement and education.

Behind the name

The word Lunas means "hope" and "cure." RGC has adopted Lunas as the name for our Philippines missions as we see our efforts as a way to provide Hope. Efforts have been focused through the support of the Little River Baptist Church, located in Masantol, in the province of Pampanga, situated on the north side of Manila Bay and about 70 Kilometers from the Capital, Manila. A 2010 census, places the population around 52,407 people.

Why the Philippines?

Spread over more than 7,000 islands and with a population of 98 million, the Philippines is the 7th most populated country in Asia and 12th most populated country in the world.

According to the National Statistical Coordination Board, 98.8% of Filipino households are below the poverty level with a yearly income of less than 100,000 pesos, equal to $2,000 USD. With these issues, crime, human trafficking, and drug abuse are growing. Education is scarce and basic sanitation is estimated to be on the same level as that in Haiti in some areas.

What is needed?

Your support is greatly appreciated and any donation amount helps. With an average family income of about $2,000 USD, even seemingly small gifts of $5 can represent a day's wage. In addition to financial support, volunteers are needed for events we host throughout the year. You can also help spread the word about Lunas through social media. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to help get the word out to your networks.

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